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Florida Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (FAMTE) 

The FAMTE, an affiliate of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators, is a non-profit organization created to promote the improvement of mathematics teacher education in all its aspects in Florida. At the recent meeting of FAMTE, interested faculty of public and private universities throughout Florida established the organization, ratified its constitution and bylaws, and elected a Board of Directors.

The members of FAMTE are concerned with the preparation and professional development of mathematics teachers, and thus we wish to work cooperatively with state and national agencies to enhance the mathematical, pedagogical, and clinical preparation of prospective teachers of mathematics at all levels, K-20, with respect to criteria for credentialing and licensing of teachers.

Additionally, another of our goals is to establish productive relationships and networks among mathematics teacher educators in Florida and legislative bodies of the government in order to facilitate communication and collaboration among mathematics teacher educators at all levels; elementary, secondary, community college, college, and university with state agencies. Due to not only current needs for effective mathematics teacher educators, but also to those anticipated in the state in the future, we wish to take part in enhancing high quality mathematics education in Florida. Realizing that all stake holders from many professional, legislative, and community groups have much to gain from collaborative alliance to improve mathematics teacher education, FAMTE members are prepared to engage in the development of action plans that are mutually beneficial for all stake holders.

We thank you for your time and will continue to apprise you of our meetings and activities. Our website is being developed and we will keep you informed through it and through other mailings. If you wish to know more about FAMTE and its work, please contact Hui Fang “Angie” Su or any other member of the Board of Directors.

The FAMTE Board of Directors is listed below, including the university affiliation of each faculty representative who serves on the Board.

President: Hui Fang Huang “Angie” Su, Nova Southeastern University

Secretary: Ruthmae Sears, University of South Florida

Treasurer: vacant

Board member from Public Institution: Joan M. O’Brien, Broward County School District

Board Member from Private Institution: Carol A. Marinas, Barry University

Board Member At-Large: Chris Ruda, Mathematics Educator, Miami-Dade County Schools



FAMTE Membership Application

Seeking Nominations for FAMTE Student Award and FAMTE Math Educator Award.

Please send nominations to “Angie” Su (

FAMTE Student Award

FAMTE Math Educator Award